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10-04-08 !!!GINA CARANO WINS!!! Advertisements Round One Kobold came out and clinched right away… After some hugging it went to a bit of a wild exchange! Now Kelly is just trying to take her down and does not want to bang! Kelly just swing wild and gina is sticking her jab…. Kelly is bleeding and round one is over!!!! […]

Gina Carano is Fighting Kelly What’s Her Name! NOW Maybe she will have a name tonight but I doubt it! Gina Conviction Carano Age: 26 Location: UNITED STATES City: Las Vegas Gender: Female Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Story: Gina Carano is a Muay Thai specialist who got her start fighting out of the famed Master […]

Gina carano maxim – Gina carano is fighting tonight! Any night Gina is fighting is a good night. Ken is out but she is still in. I will be back in just a few with her fight detials. LIVE NOTE: NINJA IS GOING DOWN!!!! BOTH DOWN NOW… Good fight! but my guess is Ninja is […]

OMG… Ken is Out! Elite XC Ken is out of Elite XC Saturday Night FIghts! 6 Stitches from a previous sparring session. HEAD BUTT! So now what CBS!!! I was there in NJ at the first one and I was not impressed. So here we are, off to a bad start! Actually they just said […]