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10-04-08 !!!GINA CARANO WINS!!! Advertisements

Gina Carano is Fighting Kelly What’s Her Name! NOW Maybe she will have a name tonight but I doubt it! Gina Conviction Carano Age: 26 Location: UNITED STATES City: Las Vegas Gender: Female Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Story: Gina Carano is a Muay Thai specialist who got her start fighting out of the famed Master […]

Gina carano maxim – Gina carano is fighting tonight! Any night Gina is fighting is a good night. Ken is out but she is still in. I will be back in just a few with her fight detials. LIVE NOTE: NINJA IS GOING DOWN!!!! BOTH DOWN NOW… Good fight! but my guess is Ninja is […]

OMG… Ken is Out! Elite XC Ken is out of Elite XC Saturday Night FIghts! 6 Stitches from a previous sparring session. HEAD BUTT! So now what CBS!!! I was there in NJ at the first one and I was not impressed. So here we are, off to a bad start! Actually they just said […]