Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold Right Now! PLAY BY PLAY


Gina Carano Wins

Gina Carano Wins

Round One

Kobold came out and clinched right away…

After some hugging it went to a bit of a wild exchange!

Now Kelly is just trying to take her down and does not want to bang!

Kelly just swing wild and gina is sticking her jab….

Kelly is bleeding and round one is over!!!!

Round Two Begins

Gina lands some bombs then clinch and landed a knee.

Kelly is in bad shape but hanging in there I guess.

Kelly got head lock then started swinging

Gina now dropping bombs!

Front kick.

Gina looking sharp and picking her apart.

Missed a flying knee!

good left hook by Carano

Kelly finally got her down and trying to Ground and Pound. DING DING

Round Three


Kobold is a bull going for her legs!

Foot stomping by kelly!

Gina has got to break away and bang!

kelly just wants to take her down.


Ref please… finally

Carano with a nice Muay thai knee!

1 min!


This girl is not going down

Front kick carano and its over!

Kelly just took a beating. She is tough! but no match for gina!!!!


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