Maxim – Gina Carano Complains


Sexy Gina Carano Complains About Fame: Gina Carano Maxim is certainly one of the most attractive women to ever choose professional fighting as a career (weather is Martial Arts or Boxing). As she prepares for Kelly Kobold-Gavin on October 4th EliteXC on CBS bout, reporters and everyone else in the media can’t help but to levitate towards the Italian beauty. Well according to the sculptures Carano, that is something she doesn’t fell comfortable with., the leaders in MMA fighting bring you the following betting odds for this historic EliteXC on CBS night, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Fergusson is -400 MMA Betting Odds favorite against “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”, Ken Shamrock +300. 

Gina Carano has said on various occasions that she is not the face of women’s MMA, and only wants to be known as a fighter.

“I don’t even know what a pin-up girl is, and I’ve never called myself a pin-up girl or done anything to try to depict myself in any way other than as a woman who likes to be attractive but who also likes to fight,” Carano said. “I haven’t taken raunchy pictures. I haven’t done anything that would embarrass myself, my family or my sport, but I see people writing things like that and it’s so discouraging.”

Mind you, this is coming from a person that’s a member of “American Gladiators”, has posed for “Maxim Magazine”, didn’t even make weight in her last fight, and yet people are still writing about her, and looking her up online… Thus, increasing her revenue. And, she’s still complaining about the fame?

Sweetheart… it is that same fame that’s is making you tons of money, in an industry where not many care about female martial artists. Furthermore without it, you would be just another female fighter struggling to be taken seriously, and starving to make a living fighting. In conclusion, if you really want to be considered only as a fighter, then I suggest you try “making weight” next time… because ultimately, that is your job as a fighter.


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