Gina Carano Wins

Gina Carano Wins

Round One

Kobold came out and clinched right away…

After some hugging it went to a bit of a wild exchange!

Now Kelly is just trying to take her down and does not want to bang!

Kelly just swing wild and gina is sticking her jab….

Kelly is bleeding and round one is over!!!!

Round Two Begins

Gina lands some bombs then clinch and landed a knee.

Kelly is in bad shape but hanging in there I guess.

Kelly got head lock then started swinging

Gina now dropping bombs!

Front kick.

Gina looking sharp and picking her apart.

Missed a flying knee!

good left hook by Carano

Kelly finally got her down and trying to Ground and Pound. DING DING

Round Three


Kobold is a bull going for her legs!

Foot stomping by kelly!

Gina has got to break away and bang!

kelly just wants to take her down.


Ref please… finally

Carano with a nice Muay thai knee!

1 min!


This girl is not going down

Front kick carano and its over!

Kelly just took a beating. She is tough! but no match for gina!!!!

  • Gina Carano is Fighting Kelly What’s Her Name! NOW Maybe she will have a name tonight but I doubt it!
Gina Carano

Gina Carano

  • Gina Conviction Carano

  • Age: 26
  • Location: UNITED STATES
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Gender: Female
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • Story: Gina Carano is a Muay Thai specialist who got her start fighting out of the famed Master Toddy Gym in Las Vegas, NV which led to a role in the reality series “Fight Girls”. Under Master Toddy, Gina competed multiple times internationally, garnishing a 12-1-1 professional Muay Thai record. Carano’s striking skills have so far surpassed every MMA fighter she has faced and is now training under Randy Couture at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas where she’s growing increasingly adept in the submission/ground game with improving her takedown defense.Gina can currently be seen on NBC’s American Gladiators as “Crush.” Her dominance as an EliteXC women’s MMA cage fighter is seen every time one of the American Gladiator challengers takes her on. If you think Gina Carano is great on American Gladiators, you should see her when she enters the EliteXC cage.
  • MMA Record: 6-0

Gina carano maxim – Gina carano is fighting tonight!

Gina Carano Maxim

Gina Carano Maxim

Any night Gina is fighting is a good night. Ken is out but she is still in. I will be back in just a few with her fight detials.

LIVE NOTE: NINJA IS GOING DOWN!!!! BOTH DOWN NOW… Good fight! but my guess is Ninja is going to not make it due to endurance.

OMG… Ken is Out! Elite XC

Ken Shamrock is OUT!

Ken Shamrock is OUT!

Ken is out of Elite XC Saturday Night FIghts!

6 Stitches from a previous sparring session. HEAD BUTT!

So now what CBS!!! I was there in NJ at the first one and I was not impressed.

So here we are, off to a bad start!

Actually they just said seth petruzelli is Fighting! Hmmm maybe so action?

Lets hope Gina Carrano Maxim Babe gets to kick some butt tonight!

Stay tuned!

Gina Carano Maxim

Gina Carano Maxim

Gina Carano, the most famous female mixed martial arts fighter, is making the rounds to promote her fight against Kelly Kobold on CBS on October 4th. In a conference call yesterday, she made an interesting comment about her training. Carano, who trains at Xtreme Couture, the gym owned by UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, said she is sparring with Couture’s son as she gets ready to fight Kobold. I haven’t been able to get any information on Couture’s son — age? weight? MMA experience? — but Carano said he’s a challenging sparring partner who doesn’t go easy on her. Some people would probably object to a man and a woman in the cage together, but I’ve spoken to female fighters in the past who mention that they have trouble finding sparring partners, so I think it makes a lot of sense, assuming they’re of close enough sizes and skill levels that it benefits both of them.

Gina Carano Maxim

Sexy Gina Carano Complains About Fame: Gina Carano Maxim is certainly one of the most attractive women to ever choose professional fighting as a career (weather is Martial Arts or Boxing). As she prepares for Kelly Kobold-Gavin on October 4th EliteXC on CBS bout, reporters and everyone else in the media can’t help but to levitate towards the Italian beauty. Well according to the sculptures Carano, that is something she doesn’t fell comfortable with.

BodogLife.com, the leaders in MMA fighting bring you the following betting odds for this historic EliteXC on CBS night, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Fergusson is -400 MMA Betting Odds favorite against “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”, Ken Shamrock +300. 

Gina Carano has said on various occasions that she is not the face of women’s MMA, and only wants to be known as a fighter.

“I don’t even know what a pin-up girl is, and I’ve never called myself a pin-up girl or done anything to try to depict myself in any way other than as a woman who likes to be attractive but who also likes to fight,” Carano said. “I haven’t taken raunchy pictures. I haven’t done anything that would embarrass myself, my family or my sport, but I see people writing things like that and it’s so discouraging.”

Mind you, this is coming from a person that’s a member of “American Gladiators”, has posed for “Maxim Magazine”, didn’t even make weight in her last fight, and yet people are still writing about her, and looking her up online… Thus, increasing her revenue. And, she’s still complaining about the fame?

Sweetheart… it is that same fame that’s is making you tons of money, in an industry where not many care about female martial artists. Furthermore without it, you would be just another female fighter struggling to be taken seriously, and starving to make a living fighting. In conclusion, if you really want to be considered only as a fighter, then I suggest you try “making weight” next time… because ultimately, that is your job as a fighter.

History against one of today’s most talked-about fighters, 44-year-old Ken Shamrock will be named Kimbo Slice’s opponent in the main event when CBS officially announces the matches for the Oct. 4 network special from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. Dana White was right CBS continues it circus act!

Now lets talk about the real fighters! The official announcement of the complete show, which is also expected to feature Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold-Gavin, is slated for Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing her fight again!

About Gina Carano

WoW Gina Carano

WoW Gina Carano

After Gina Carano achieved a Muay Thai record of 12-1-1, she received an offer to participate in the first-ever female sanctioned MMA bout in Nevada. She was invited to the World Pro Fighting show in Las Vegas to fight Rosi Sexton from the United Kingdom.

She fought on the February 10, 2007, Showtime EliteXC card, defeating Julie Kedzie via unanimous decision in what was called “the fight of the night”. She totally Kicked but!

Her scheduled bout against Jan Finney at the EliteXC/K-1 Dynamite!! USA event on June 2, 2007 was canceled due to illness. The Fight Network and other organizations reported that she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to dehydration while attending a World Extreme Cagefighting event as a spectator.

Carano fought on the September 15, 2007, Showtime EliteXC card, where she defeated Tonya Evinger via rear naked choke for her first career win by submission. She proved that she is more than just a great striker.

Along with Lisa King, Carano served as a mentor to aspiring female fighters in the Oxygen reality series Fight Girls. She currently appears as “Crush” on the NBC show American Gladiators. She will additionally be featured in the new Michael Jai White film Blood and Bone slated to be released sometime in 2008.

Carano defeated former Hook N Shoot champion Kaitlin Young on EliteXC: Primetime on May 31, 2008. A day before the fight, Carano failed to make weight for her fight (140) after weighing in at 144.5 lb. Although most MMA organizations set weight classes at 135 (Bantamweight (MMA)) and 145 (Featherweight (MMA)) pounds, EliteXC opted to create a women’s weight class at 140 pounds. Carano agreed to forfeit 12.5% of her “show” purse to Young, and the fight remained on the card.

Her next fight is scheduled for October 4, 2008 at EliteXC: Primetime 3 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. Her opponent for that fight will be Kelly Kobald.

6-0-0 (wins-losses-draws)
Result Record Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
Win 6-0 Flag of the United States Kaitlin Young TKO (Doctor stoppage) EliteXC: Primetime 5/31/2008 2 3:00
Win 5-0 Flag of the United States Tonya Evinger Submission (Rear naked choke) EliteXC: Uprising 9/15/2007 1 2:53
Win 4-0 Flag of the United States Julie Kedzie Decision (Unanimous) EliteXC Destiny 02/10/2007 3 3:00
Win 3-0 Flag of the United States Elaina Maxwell Decision (Unanimous) Strike Force-Triple Threat 12/8/2006 3 2:00
Win 2-0 Flag of the United States Rosi Sexton TKO WPFC 1-World Pro Fighting Championships 09/15/2006 2 4:55
Win 1-0 Flag of the United States Leiticia Pestova KO WEF-Orleans Arena 06/10/2006 1 0:39